Mint & Coriander Salsa

This is the famous salsa which started our story.  This is our best seller.  We use fresh bunches of mint and coriander with aromatic spices to give you an enhanced flavour experience.


Spiced Carrot Moraba.  This is our own Asiatic style of marmalade.  Organic carrots are cooked with sugar and spice and all things nice, to create an unctuous spread.  It's great with cheese dishes.


Black Carrot & Beetroot Salsa

A delicious, light salsa with the earthy taste of beetroot, complemented with sweet black carrots. Blended with our Asiatic spices for a refreshingly different taste.


Turnip Pickle. 

We use baby sweet turnips in this salsa with our famous blend of spices to pick up the pace.  This is great with all meat dishes as well as curries.

Masala 4.jpg

Luxury Garam Masala.  A fresh and aromatic masala ground from nine whole spices and sealed for freshness.  It's especially good with all soups and stews, as well as curries.